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Bike sharing is an additional option for intermodal trans- port. Even though people use their own bikes, bike sharing can be used as a flexible means of transport ...

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OBIS Handbook - European Commission - Europa EU

Bike sharing is an additional option for intermodal trans- port. Even though people use their own bikes, bike sharing can be used as a flexible means of transport ...

ESS handbook for quality reports - European Commission - Europa ...

The specific objectives of the Guidelines are: to promote harmonised quality reporting across statistical processes and their outputs within a Member State and ...

European Youth Week Outcomes - European Commission - Europa ...

and further develop data collection platforms such as Youth Wiki;. •. Thirdly ... TR. European Confederation of Youth Clubs. IS. Change Makers. RO. European Youth Forum ... ESN Poland (part of National Youth Council of Poland - PROM). PL.

European Solidarity Corps Guide - European Commission - Europa ...

networking activities for individuals and organisations participating in the European Solidarity Corps;. ▫ measures aimed at ensuring the quality and accessibility ...

European equality law review - European Commission - Europa EU

Melanie Regine Hack. Gauging progress ... Montenegro. 106 ... In the field of non-discrimination law, Melanie Hack of the Max Planck Institute for. Social Law ...

Tax Policies in the European Union - European Commission - Europa

1 Jan 2019 ... proposal changes fundamentally the current VAT system by taxing business to business (B2B) cross-border sales of goods from one EU ...

Regions in the European Union - European Commission - Europa

9 Dec 2013 ... KS-GQ-14-006-EN-C. PDF ISBN 978-92-79-38657-2 ... table shows one of the NUTS 1 regions of the UK, including its breakdown into NUTS 2 ...

European Social Fund - European Commission - Europa EU

Julian Hale (writer), Jernett Karensen (editor) and Sylvie Giraudon (project manager) ... In its early stages, the ESF was used as a means to 'compensate' for job.

The European Label - European Commission - Europa EU

10 Feb 1999 ... This document is a catalogue of the projects presented at the ... on Adese's quality management principles, duly adapted to the Greek ...

IAT - European Commission - Europa

6 Jul 2006 ... In particular, FINE-HVAC is the package for the HVAC Design, and FINE-ELEC the package for the Electrical Design. 9 Mykinon St., 15233 ...

URF - European Commission - Europa EU

16 Jul 2015 ... Log in to ECAS – click the Login button as indicated in the visual example in. Figure 1: Participant Portal - Welcome Page below. Page 11. URF/ ...

EIC - European Commission - Europa

1 Feb 2020 ... ... Commissie, 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel, BELGIQUE/BELGIË - Tel. ... answer these and other questions as well as to find partners for your project if needed. ... 2 The “submission” of the new proposal is the cut-off date where the ...

SCF - European Commission - Europa EU

4 Dec 2002 ... (BaP), the 15 other PAH considered by the United States Environmental ... er-boun. d v alu es: calcu lated b y assu min g. 'n d' v alu es to.

EIC - European Commission - Europa EU

1 Feb 2020 ... FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS v.1.3 ... proposes that a single entity (i.e. a university, an SME, a natural person,… except a mid- ... to a single final report, reporting will take the form of regular progress meetings chaired.

ENV/G/2 - European Commission - Europa EU

2 Jul 2004 ... EVYAP. INTERNATIONAL. Laundry Detergents. Dish Detergents. Contact: Naz ... [email protected] ... Tepeoren Mevkii, Tuzla 81700.

MoU - European Commission - Europa

12 Jun 2017 ... Companies providing end-customer services within ElectroMobility market. Benefit: MoU ... Global Spot Operator ID: Identifier of a unique Charging Point Operator. - EVSE ID: Identifier of a ... Electro-Mobility Market of Services ...

european commission - EUR-Lex - Europa EU

14 Feb 2020 ... In order to take account of possible developments and changed ... The product under review consists of certain steel products which are listed ...

UAE - European Commission - Europa

milk any more? ; ... emirstva-532- ... Tayseer Arar. Trading ...

WEEE - European Commission - Europa

light of the experience with the implementation of the new Directive and any ... consumption by, as a first priority, the prevention of WEEE and, in addition, by ... fountain, solar powered radio, solar powered refrigerator, solar powered watch, solar ... green torch and military material where the secrecy of the equipment is not.

942 final - European Commission - Europa EU

7 Dec 2016 ... do so […] Solidarity is the glue that keeps our Union together […] Young people across ... strands, is presented below. 6 . (a) Erasmus ... amounts reported above are to be considered as maximum contribution to the initiative.

SPPE - European Commission - Europa EU

8 Dec 2008 ... A. Société de Prise de Participation de l'État (SPPE). (2) In the framework of the notified scheme, the French State set up the Société de Prise.

PART 1 - European Commission - Europa EU

1 Oct 2019 ... See positions expressed by EERA, EURIC and ECOS in particular in Annex 5. 66. Non-halogenated FRs are e.g. aluminium hydroxide and ...

Germany - European Commission - Europa EU

Population (1st January). 82 792 351 persons. Area*. 357 569 km2. Currency. EUR euro. Nominal GDP at ... UAA per holding (ha). 2016. 60.5. 16.6 in EU-28.

Furniture - European Commission - Europa EU

Outdoor furniture: This includes mainly benches, tables and chairs, excluding other ... If wood stems from a country that has signed a Voluntary Partnership ...

Denmark - European Commission - Europa EU

SME envoys spearhead the implementation of the SBA agenda in their countries. 2019 SBA Fact Sheet. DENMARK. Internal market, industry, entrepreneurship.

NACE Rev. 2 - European Commission - Europa EU

20 Dec 2006 ... 5. NACE Rev. 2 – Statistical classification of economic activites in the European Community ... are most likely to prompt the need for additional divisions. For this ... 42.12 Construction of railways and underground railways. 4210* ... manufacture of gears, gearing and gear boxes and other speed changers.

TRL Report - European Commission - Europa

test procedures, a 45 degree definition had been used for the bumper corners. ... In the case of the Volvo S60 and V60, when testing inside of the bumper ...

antares - European Commission - Europa

1 Jun 2018 ... “ANTARES” D7.16 Periodic report on dissemination activities. Table of ... phone data, NetMob2017, Vodafone Theater Milan, Italy, 2017. 22.

Geonomenclature - European Commission - Europa

9 page 14 page 13 page 11 page 18 page 17 page 16 page 10 page 12. 400. 413. 412. 416 424. 432. 404 ... Including Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, Peñón de.

1 Summary - European Commission - Europa EU

Legal issues – The boom in the gathering, storage and use of information ... While each company used to have its own electricity generator and did not trust central electricity ... a friend in bikini on the beach breach the interests of this friend?) ... and building secure systems that can withstand intrusion and hacking attempts,.

saint d2.2 - European Commission - Europa EU

28 Feb 2019 ... 3rd Draft. 0.4. 19/02/2019. CYBE. 4th Draft. 0.5. 21/02/2019. CYBE ... 7.2. Stegomalware (Stegware) . ... Figure 8.3: Top 10 countries - Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, ... incorrectly This allows attackers to compromise passwords, keys, ... Information: This is the one of the best hacker-powered security ...

Erasmus - European Commission - Europa

(1) For questions regarding studying or training abroad as an Erasmus student ... Master's programme your counter will be set to zero for that study cycle and.

Folleto @LIS - European Commission - Europa EU

6 Dic 2001 ... Mediante @lis, la Comisión Europea aspira a reducir la brecha digital, ... a consultas sanitarias, centro de llamadas, informatización de ...

Partners - European Commission - Europa EU

Email: [email protected] Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2014. ISBN 978-92-79-35483-0.

newsletter - European Commission - Europa EU

1 Sep 2007 ... look into such possible restrictions or distortions of competition and their possible causes, and, where appropriate, to suggest ways forward.

Panorama - European Commission - Europa EU

8 Jul 2015 ... building blocks of the Digital Single Market. This edition of. Panorama highlights just how cohesion policy can help achieve this vision.